About Us

Norah Sleep Living is owned by me, Sharon Maher aka Norah Sleep (Norah Sleep is my pen name and comes from my maiden name Sharon Peel spelt backwards – Norahs Leep!!! ).
I live in the city of York, UK with my husband, and have a son at University.
I started Norah Sleep Living originally as a home lifestyle blog as a way to write about the things that interest and inspire me around the home from styling and decorating my Georgian farmhouse, growing vegetables in my greenhouse and veggie garden, to cooking in my farmhouse kitchen on my beloved Aga.
This site is an extension of the original blog which allows me to showcase and curate the stylish products that I like and style my own home with. Obviously it contains far too many for me to put in my home (I wish I could!) but it does represent the things I would buy if I had space!
I personally source all of the UK based products and ship them to Amazon for them to fulfill your orders.
I also source products from other countries around the world (mainly China and India) and have them shipped directly from international suppliers straight to your door.
Finally, I curate other sellers' products that I like for you also to purchase (if you do I will make a small commission).
I hope you enjoy this site and the accompanying blog.
Please leave comments after each post as I really value your feedback. If you want to contact me my email address is enquiries@norahsleep.co.uk. It would be lovely to hear from you.