Decorating With Mirrors

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Decorating with mirrors could not be easier, with so many styles to choose from.

Plus, a well-placed mirror in a  room can give a more spacious feel, accentuate proportions, help to bounce light around the room and add a bit of glamour. 

A well-chosen mirror will not only dress the room, but it will also set the tone of the room, adding style and reflecting the overall decor

Here are several chic ways to transform a room using mirrors:

  • Make a grand scale mirror the focal point of the room by leaning it against a long wall.
  • Add an ornate antique mirror to give an elegant feel to a small bathroom to create the illusion of depth.
  • For an old-world style room and an aged design use a mercury glass mirror.
  • To show the symmetry of a room adds a pair of identical mirrors to one wall, this works very well either side of a fireplace.
  • A small hallway or narrow staircase always benefit from the use of mirrors to enhance the space and make it appear wider.
  • The use of mirror furniture in a room will trick the eye giving the illusion it is not really there. Plus mirror furniture will beautifully dress an empty space.
  • The use of mirror drawers in a small room will make the room appear to have extra floor space.
  • Don’t be afraid to use a larger mirror in a tiny room.
  • A floor to ceiling mirror on the wall next to a dining room table will reflect the light beautifully and if you have a fabulous chandelier hanging over the centre of the table it gives the impression of double vision.
  • Installing a mirror opposite a delightful piece of art will also give a fabulous reflection in the room.

For more mirror inspiration take a look at our Home & Garden Collection

It’s now time for a little reflection…

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