A Guide to Creating an Easy Flower Arrangement at Home

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Rather than going to the expense of buying a flower arrangement already done, why not try to create one using a few bunches of flowers from your local store, supermarket, farmers market or the garden.

There are many different flowers to buy, so choose a few bunches of flowers with the vase you are going to use in mind. To avoid wasting time and money, select the freshest flowers you can find. If the heads under the bloom are firm and plump, that is a good sign, with green, vibrant leaves and no bruised or drooping petal. If the buds are tight, then add them to warm water to make them bloom more quickly.

Remove all paper, string, rubber bands and ties. If any leaves fall below the waterline of the vase, then remove them along with any wilted blooms.

Start by filling the vase three-quarters full with cold water, add the flower food provided. If you don't have any flower food, a few drops of bleach in the water will keep the water clean. Start by cutting the stem of each flower at 45 degrees angle, ensuring you keep the length required for the vase.

For the flower arrangement, start with any large foliage, crisscross the stems, then next add any larger flowers or a focal flower, and fill in the gaps with the small flowers and complete with any tiny flowers, greenery, herbs, twigs and berries.

When choosing colours or shades of colour, look to your home or room where you are going to put the display for inspiration. 

To keep the flowers fresh, keep the vase near-natural light, away from radiators or fruit bowls. Change the water every few days. 

Just experiment, and bring a little flower magic to your home.

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