How to make your own Reed Defuser

Defuser home decor

If you enjoy making things for your home, this is the perfect crafty challenge, creating a reed defuser for your living room.

I recommend you experiment with different essential oils to get the aroma you like. 

For the reed defuser you will need:

  • One small empty bottle with an opening that will take the reeds.
  • 3 - 5 diffuser reeds.
  • 350ml mineral oil. If you want to avoid petroleum use sweet almond oil or safflower instead.
  • 30-60 drops of essential oils, using a single oil or mixture to create the perfect aroma for you. You must be careful with essential oils if you have pets as some can be harmful to pets.
  • 3 tbsp gin or vodka must be 90-95% alcohol. 
  • 1 measuring jug with a pouring spout or a funnel that fits in the bottle.
  • Once you get the correct aroma mix the gin and oils with the mineral oil and pour into the bottle. 
  • Pop in the reeds and leave for 24 hours then turn the reed to create more of an aroma in the room.
  • It should last around 30 days.

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