Lemon and Rock Salt Scrub for the Home

Home Cleaning Solutions Lemon Natural Rock Salt

One natural cleaning alternative to toxic detergents, bleaches and ammonia products is lemon and rock salt. Lemons have a natural bleaching agent, and when mixed with rock salt, they lift dirt and grime, without the harshness and strong odour of bleach or household cleaners—leaving a pleasant lemony smell.

To remove stains and bacteria from your wooden boards and to give them the spa treatment they deserve, try this natural recipe of lemon and rock salt.

Start by adding rock salt to the wooden board, cut a lemon in half, and using the cut side down on the board, rub the lemon into the rock salt, squeezing a little juice into the rock salt as you go along the board, which is a bleaching agent—working the rock salt and lemon into the wood. Once you have clean all the board use a brush to give the wooden board an extra scrub, then rinse with warm water and leave to dry naturally, cleaned and ready for use. 

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