How to organise your food cupboard?

Declutter Food cupboard Organise Pantry Storage

To avoid any food waste is to have a well-organised food cupboard or pantry.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Declutter first to see what you have got.
  • Start by checking use-by dates and sort into what will expire first. Look at recipes that will use that food and plan the weekly menu to include any food nearing its use-by date.
  • Use baskets or wooden boxes to bring similar times together to make it easier to see what you have in-store.
  • Label containers so you can see at a glance what inside plus add the expiry date to the container before getting rid of the packaging.
  • Keep regularly used items in easy reach.
  • Keep kiddies snacks at their level.
  • Add some hooks to the door or wall for reusable shopping bags, aprons, an onion bag or cooking utensils.
  • Add a chalkboard so you can make grocery lists, recipe ideas, or simple reminder notes. 
  • Any extra food or unused items could be sent to the food bank if not required.
  • If there is too much flour in the store cupboard, then whip up a victoria sponge or some cheese scones.
  • If there is lots of extra pasta, then a bolognese is a quick, easy meal to do or a pot of pesto in some cooked pasta is excellent hot or cold.

If it is easy to see, then it will not be missed, food waste is something that should concern everyone.





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